Cloud computing

Passionately building cloud based applications. It doesn't matter where to host (Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean or in your private cloud), we can build scalable softwares that can serve hundreds of millions users. We do our best for your users never experience slow response times.

Processing massive amount of data

Can your business easily produce billion records of data every day? If the answer is yes then I am sure that this big data amount may hide treasures for you. We can help you to visualize, mine and use this data in real-time. (We can do it in the cloud or in your data center)

Incredibly fast text search

Free text searching one of the ways that users like to use finding some information in softwares (e.g. Google). We can build full text search functionalities to your (existing or new) application and it does not matter you want to search in some small tables in a database or in the contents of millions of pdf documents. You can do it with milliseconds response time even with exactly controlling the which documents can be read by the users (authorization)

Security audits

A very common mistake during the software development when a method/service of an application (for example published on an URL) is accessible without authorization. In this case there is great chance for experienced users to discover this security holes threating your hard-built business. We can help you to identify this kind of deficiencies.