Software, Cloud, Data, Security
by Ákos Pintér

Hi, I am Ákos Pintér and I am a freelancer software engineer with more than 10 years experience. I live in Budapest, Hungary with my small family.

I work with various technologies on the full stack. Just some examples: backend (.NET Core, Python), frontend (React + Typescript), Kubernetes (k3s), cloud (AWS, DigitalOcean), data (Postgres, SQL Server, S3, DynamoDB), auth (OpenIdConnect).

My primary focus is on building highly available and efficient systems hosted on Kubernetes or on a serverless option in the cloud.

What is BlaboSoft? It is a brandname which is intended to cover my professional work. I write blog posts here that are related to my work and interest. I planned that for a long time, so I am excited about it :)

I proudly work together with clients from the United Kingdom like UK Fuels and iCompario.

Do you need a developer or consultant? Hire me! Reach out to me on LinkedIn if you are interested in a cooperation. Also feel free to contact me with any IT-related question.

Ákos Pintér


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Implementing simple and efficient queue operations in Microsoft SQL Server. The pop operation uses a common table expression (CTE) to implement an atomic 'test and set' method.

Implementing a Simple Queue in PostgreSQL

In this article I show you how you can implement efficient queue operations using PostgresSQL database. The implementation uses atomic 'test and set' method for popping elements from queue ensuring consistent behaviour.